Zadoodle Vintage Opens Shop at Gum's

Well, I  tried. 

I tried to stay away from vintage. Tried to build a different kind of business... tried to put Treasure Hunting on the back burner. But vintage found me again and has me firmly in its clutches.

Don't get me wrong. That business still exists. I'm still a loan signing agent. And I still write and produce plays, and I'm even producing a film (more about that  later). But I have returned to vintage, and let me tell you why.

Vintage has character. It has history. It is authentic. And it was made to last, by people who cared.

Today you can find brand-new junk that was made God-knows-where by God-knows whom that may  look old but in fact will break within a month (if not sooner). I figure if it survived long enough to make it to an estate sale, it deserves a place in my home or shop.

So Zadoodle Vintage is back. Come visit  me online at Etsy or at my booth at Gum's Mall of Antiques & Collectibles, 21330 Norwalk Blvd, Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716

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