keep it simple... susie.

Whenever I embark on a new endeavor (my husband has affectionately referred to them as "projects") I tend to go overboard.  I found some old sheet music at a garage sale and sold them... so I went on eBay and bought 700 to sell.  duh.  I still have at least 670 left.

The problem my little online shop developed was that it became lopsided.  If I listed all of my sheet music, no one can see anything else I have to offer.  So I had the brilliant thought to open a second Etsy shop.  I hardly have time to market the first, let alone open, maintain and market TWO SHOPS!

I have actually become inspired by the plethora of sheet music and records I have, so I am abandoning my 4 day-old music shop on Etsy and moving my 7 humble items into Zadoodle.  The good thing about my name, zadoodle, is that it could mean anything so I am open to many options.  Many of my sheet music I will use for decoupage and framing projects, selling many pieces for scrapbooking projects, and selling others individually as I have been doing.  I just have to incorporate the items into my art so I can start to make a dent in the pile...s.

Back to work.

So back down to one shop.  Hallelujah.

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