Learn to Juggle in Ten Easy Steps

I never learned to juggle oranges.  Somehow it earned a low ranking on the List of Things To Do in Life.  Oh, I entertained the thought from time to time, but never long enough to actually venture a trip to the fruit bowl.

What I did not realize early in life is that juggling would become one of the greatest skills I could possess.  Who woulda thunk that the same girl who listened to "Like a Virgin" and "Thriller" on vinyl would one day be a wife, mom, pet owner, writer, director, online seller (and therefore a) facebooker, twitterer, blogger, amateur photographer, marketing executive, sales associate, postal employee, CEO, CFO, office manager, butcher, baker, candlestick maker.

I made those last 3 up. But I probably forgot some, so I'm sure it comes out in the wash.

So how do you learn to juggle in Ten Easy Steps?
1. Live in any developed part of the world in the present day.
2. Sign up for Facebook.
3. Get married.
4. Have a child.
5. Have another child.
6. Start a home-based business so you can be home with the kids.
7. Build your business while attempting to raise your children.
8. Promote your business on every website imaginable.
9. Begin to succeed at your business.
10. Blog about your business.


  1. Leona aka Leona's Olde Linens8:44 AM

    Your blog is too funny! Probably I can so relate to everything!

  2. Thank you! It is my main creative outlet! I would craft but it is much too involved in terms of doodads and tiddlywinks, and my kids are too young not to swallow my supplies.



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