Making Your House a Home-Vintage Eclectic Style

I'm ready for a change, and I've decided to go with a home decor I like to call Vintage Eclectic Style.  For awhile there my style was Victorian, having lived in a huge Victorian house in Illinois for three years.  (By Victorian I mean shabby chic meets Victorian).  But that part of my life is behind me, and it's time to move on.

Due to changes in our life, my family now lives in a condominium in Southern California.  Coming from a 4000 sq foot Victorian, we downsized a lot, but we are actually happier in our smaller, more modest abode.  It can feel cramped at times, but it sure doesn't take as long to clean as the Great White Monster (as we affectionately called it).

The beauty of being in a rented home is that it's temporary, so you can reinvent yourself as many times as your pocketbook (and your husband) will allow.  I have long been an avid garage sale junkie, so my pocketbook doesn't take as much of a hit.  I once had a friend who redecorated someone's home with a $50 garage sale budget.  The woman was a genius.

I actually acquired some advertising for free that I use as home decor.  It's 4 feet by 8 feet and looked great in our living room.  At first my husband thought it would make the place look like a college dorm.  The way I see it, anything is better than what we had: a half-finished, "stick a picture here and see if it works, no it doesn't but I don't have time to fix it" style.

I think it actually turned out pretty nice!

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