Vinyl Records: Remembering a Classic

No one has an appreciation for vinyl any more. "Kids these days" (I never thought I'd hear THAT phrase coming out of my mouth) don't even know what cassettes are, letting alone an actual RECORD.  To actually own a turntable in 2010 is quite remarkable.

There is something about those good old black (and occasional other color) discs that promised hours of listening pleasure accompanied by the snap crackle and pop of the needle in its groove.  That signature crackle is a classic; it almost makes me nostalgic, like a fire in the fireplace (wood, not gas).

I am one of those unremarkable souls that does NOT own a turntable, so the best that I can do anymore is to make art out of my vinyl records.  On one of my many Treasure Hunts (garage sale excursions, for the uninitiated) I found a box of 10" records that I ruthlessly haggled down to $2.00 at a garage sale with the high hopes of selling them online, but by the time you calculate shipping, it still wasn't a profitable endeavor. So I have begun to create.  I have made several clocks out of my 10" records and even managed to sell a couple, but I learned the hard way that the 10" records are much more brittle than the new records, and one of the clocks shattered in transit, so I have put that on hold until I find time to sort out shipping issues.  I would post a photo but I seem to be having technical difficulties!

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