Ten Reasons I Stopped Following You on Twitter

I love Twitter. I love the challenge of summing up life's moments in verbal snapshots of 140 characters or less (I'm @zadoodle).  Sometimes the information is banal, and sometimes I feel like a stand up comedian practicing one-liners before my night at the Improv.  Bantering with other Tweeks out there is fun too. And we can never forget the business benefits of Twitter. Just tweeting about a blog post or item in my Etsy store generates a bunch of traffic.

When I first joined Twitter I made the newbie mistake of following anybody I could in the hopes of building my followers (I call this the followback method).  As a result my timeline (the tweets of the people I follow) became pretty ugly, so I have come to the conclusion that there is a time when tweeters go too far.
I present to you my Ten Reasons I Stopped Following You on Twitter. 

1. You cuss like a motherf****r.
2. You fill up your #tweets with #multiple #hashtags about #weirdstuff and #trendingtopics. #enoughisenough
3. You claim to be a member of #TEAMFOLLOWBACK, but you are not following me back.
4.  You contribute nothing useful, positive or entertaining to the Twitter universe.
5. You've stolen the identity of a celebrity who now can't tweet under their own name because you're a "huge fan" (i.e. stalker).
6.  You send tweets that only include the trending topics as some sort of shameless plug.
7.  You have multiple accounts and you tweet exactly the same content from all of them.
8.  You claim to be a member of #IFOLLOWBACK, you have 3,586 followers and are following 85. You do the math.  That makes you a LIAR.
9.  You ask everyone to trade retweets and follows with you.
10. You have sent 66,875 tweets. 66,872 of them are links to buy your crap.

So there you have it. Most of these reasons are not enough on their own to make me stop following, but when put together add up to me finally pulling the plug.

Coming soon: Reasons I Blocked You on Twitter.  Oh yes... it's coming.

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