Success Is a Daily Journey

Yesterday I set a goal for myself: to list at least 10 new items each day at my Etsy online shop, Zadoodle.  Since I started the process late in the day and am generally a confessed self-interrupter, I found myself propping my eyelids open with toothpicks as I toiled to get my ten listings in.


Ok, so technically, most of them listed today.  But I got them done BEFORE I went to bed, so that's all that matters.

Today I'm starting early, so it's good.  Never mind that I've already checked my Twitter, my Facebook Page, am setting up a StumbledUpon account and I am currently blogging. Networking, I'm learning, is all part of the game.  But I am going to get the listings done.  Early today!

Success to me is not a destination.  If it was we would reach it and then we could just lie down and die.  Then what?  No, success is the process of moving forward toward your goals, toward continued improvement, away from your past failures.  And yes, there will be failures along the way.  I am reminded of Edison's lightbulb that took him hundreds of attempts before he got it.  If it weren't for the perseverence of the Edisons of this world, we would still be sitting around kerosene lamps.  Instead, we have light, we have technology, and medicine, and we can speak to someone on the other side of the planet in seconds.

Uh oh, baby just coughed.  Gotta get a move on.

List ten. Today.


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